#010 performance : a discourse on space / strange possibilities

3. a discourse on space / strange possibilities – 22nd September, 8 p.m.

Jens Reulecke in cooperation with the guestspeaker John Boy and Florian Erdle. The Lecture-Performance is looking at the relationship between Henri Lefebvre‘s book „The Production of Space“ and Reulecke‘s attemt to balance contradictory spaces while allowing the space of imagination to appear.

John D. Boy is a doctoral student in sociology at the City University of New York and a doctoral student fellow of CUNY’s Committee for the Study of Religion. He is a contributing editor to The Immanent Frame and an associate editor of Freq.uenci.es: a collaborative genealogy of spirituality. The tentative title of his dissertation is “Fragments of Religion in the Making: Postsecular Europe and the Church-planting Movement”.