#020 reflections by Eduard.K

My impression about “Production of Space” (P.S.) in New York:
The P.S.-project, can be considered/analyzed by some fields.

One of them, could be the scientific field. If you consider it from the statistical/mechanical point of view, then it´s possible to recognise really our “real” or parallel world. What does it means?

Of course, we are every day to busy to think about the “real” or parallel world. But, let us look and analyze e.g. the “regular life” from a business men: ” he will stand up (maybe) early in the morning, take his breakfast and going to work 8 or 10 hours, he comes home, going (maybe) to sports ……….etc” .
Our day is pretty apparelled with such kind of plans respectively movements.
But the main question is, which of this plans or movements are “really” necessary for our person and which are only affected by our parallel world??
Yes, it is sound like a postulate (it could be). The answer is not so much different, from our expectations. Everybody have a natural knowledge of statistics. If we try to make e.g. a small decision:” ok, I have to buy flowers for my friends wedding etc..”. Then we go to the shop, to buy this flowers and suddenly, we come out with a bottle of wine….” . What´s happen? The plan was different from the result. Our natural statistical knowledge, try to improve the life, making decisions (subconscious mind). It can be a protector of losing to much ENERGY. But unfortunately, this statistical knowledge can also destroy us, (our minds, characters and bodies).

Sometimes, we are not able to differentiate our desire and then it could be that our subconscious mind, takes to much control about us and we are landing in the parallel world. Furthermore, it means that we could try all the time to make “the right” decisions or movements. The main point in this kind of connection are the ENERGY balance. It´s physically impossible to get or keep a 1 efficiency. This is of course also statically proofed and means the Carnot-Process ( heat-energy flows only from the warm-system to the cold-system).

The first thermodynamical law: U=Q +W : Q=quantity of heat; W=work; U=intrinsic energy. –>the energy in a close system have to be constant (all the 3-components need a balance).
The second law: it´s not possible to convert the hole heat in ENERGY, you have to lose a part–> W=- ∮Q –> =Q[cover] – Q[discharge]/Q[cover ]

 it means also, that every human lose or wins ENERGY in his life which are full of plans and movements and it´s irreversible process of course. Sometimes when we are losing a part of ENERGY, we can reach another form of it through the general balance (U>0 Entropy).

“Production of Space” it´s for me personal a fascinating idea to remember us on our volitional and unintentional movements that we “have to do” in this “real World” and which connect us to our parallel world. Of course, is P.S. also a nice proof to analyze, which plan/movement are conscious and which are subconscious. General, this progress can be also analyze as the Entropy –“measurement”-System in our entire life. And it is also a coincidence that it´s produced “only by humans”. But of course it´s not!! Every plant (tree, flower etc.) is involved in P.S. and hence in entropy (via Energy). If you damage e.g. a bottle, cut a tree or a flower, then every individual can approve a irreversibility of this “damage-process”.

Each broken piece of glass have after the damage-contact a individual position (U>0). We know now U is always >0 but what happens with our Energy? It´s lost e.g. that´s why we become older?

The answer could be ambivalent:

i) Our movements increase of course our energy economize negative.  we lose power with movement-action.
ii) But through this positive movement effect, we have the possibility to increase our Entropy. Balanced actions in our life, increase our “broken” glass of pieces yes, but all the humans in this dimension, are accompanied from the deterministic destiny to die (U>0). All we can do, is to try to improve the system.

Thank you for references of potential mistakes
P.S. is a can be solution to understand (maybe), a simple question:


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