“The space that homogenizes has nothing homogeneous about it.” (Henri Lefebvre, La production de l’espace / The Production of Space,1970)

“When scholars write about emancipation, about reclaiming space for others, we might start by emancipating ourselves and reclaiming our work space . . . Yet before imagination can seize power, some imagination is needed: imagination to free our minds and our bodies, to liberate our ideas, and to reclaim society as a lived project. That, it seems to me, is what the production of differential space is really all about. It’s a project that can begin this afternoon.” (Andy Merrifield, Henri Lefebvre: A Critical Introduction, 2006)


One Comment on “#002”

  1. Am I seeing a man hanging atop Times Square? Is he hanging ads? A lone figure even in a homogenizing place like billboard Times Square.

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